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Sissy Bar Bag Backpack

Sissy Bar Bag Backpack

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The Universal Fit Sissy bar bag is a custom backpack made of high quality PVC SPONGE LEATHER THK 2.2MM with an embossed HI WAY logo, specifically designed to fit snugly on handle bars and sissy bars. Its unique construction features strengthened seams that ensure durability and make it stand out from other bags in its class, whilst the use of PVC Sponge Leather provides superior protection against rain, snow, wind and sun damage. The Hi way logo is carefully embossed into the leather, providing a stylish and attractive addition to the bag's appearance. The adjustable straps make it easy to adjust the size of the bag so it fits perfectly on your sissy bar or handle bar without slipping off or causing any discomfort. Whether you're headed out for a long day's ride or just popping down the shops, this Universal Fit Sissy bar bag will keep all your belongings safe and secure.



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Machine Wash Cold . Tumble Dry Low

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